Supplier FAQs

Supplier FAQs

How do I make initial contact with the EHU?

If you’re a new supplier please use the supplier contact form to make initial contact with us.

Who are my stakeholder contacts at the EHU?

If you are an existing supplier please login. If you are a new supplier or do not yet have log in details please use the supplier contact form

Where can I find more information about the supplier liaison meetings?

Details about our supplier liaison meetings can be found here

What are our obligations as an energy supplier in relation to the EHU?

Energy suppliers have an obligation under the Gas and Electricity Complaint Handling Standards (part 2 sections 8 and 9) to:

  • Allocate and maintain adequate resources for complaint handling which allow the supplier to received, handle and process complaints in an efficient and timely manner

  • Put in place appropriate arrangements to effectively deal with EHU complaints including urgent priority cases

In practical terms this means that the EHU must be able to speak to someone within your business who understands our remit and processes, when the Unit is open (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding some bank holidays). This is especially important when we receive priority cases that need to be dealt with immediately due to the risk of disconnection or need for reconnection.

What are the opening hours for the Extra Help Unit over Christmas and New Year 2019 / 2020?

Monday 23 December - Open 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 24 December - Open 9am – Service stops taking referrals at 1pm

Wednesday 25 December - Closed

Thursday 26 December - Closed

Friday 27 December - Open 9am – 5pm

Monday 30 December - Open 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 31 December - Open 9am – Service stops taking referrals at 1pm

Wednesday 1 January - Closed

Thursday 2 January - Closed (If you are without gas or electricity on 2nd January please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service as normal on 03454 04 05 06)

Friday 3 January - Open 9am – 5pm