What we do with your information

What we do with your information

Information that you share with us is used to resolve your complaint to the best of our ability. This means passing on any relevant information to the energy supplier involved in order to secure an appropriate outcome on your case. For example informing the energy supplier if there are young children in your household in order to prevent an energy supply being disconnected.

The EHU is delivering a statutory function under the CEAR Act and data is processed under public task. However, the EHU will ensure explicit consent has been sought to share data with service providers (including special category data such as health information).

Complaints received by the Extra Help Unit are used to monitor the performance of energy companies and to identify trends. We also use the information to raise issues with the industry regulator Ofgem. The Extra Help Unit may share complaint themes with the regulator but not your personal details.


How long we keep your information

All information about you will be held for 6 years after your case has been closed. After this time all attachments, text notes and your name and address will be deleted. Telephony recordings will be held for 2 years.