What to expect

What to expect

The Extra Help Unit raises complaints with energy suppliers on behalf of individuals and small businesses across England, Scotland and Wales who may be considered vulnerable or at risk of disconnection.

When you’re referred to us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated caseworker who will act on your behalf until your case is resolved. Please note we do not see people face to face and all communication will be by telephone, email or letter. 

Most of our cases are resolved within 27 working days, but if there are complications we may need a little more time.

How we work

  • In urgent situations, for example if your energy supply is about to be disconnected or is already off supply, your caseworker will be in immediate phone contact with you and remain so until the urgent issues have been resolved.

  • If your case is less urgent your caseworker will contact you within 5 working days* of receiving your referral to clarify your complaint.

  • A letter of acknowledgement will also be issued to you.

  • Your caseworker will then raise your complaint with your energy supplier and update you within 15 working days*. The conversation will continue until your case is resolved.

* Occasionally due to the pressure of workloads timescales may take longer.


Our caseworkers are professionally trained but can’t offer legal advice. They’ll offer well-informed suggestions and explain all your options, but final decisions are always yours to make.

Although we do not have enforcement powers, energy suppliers are obliged to investigate complaints we raise on your behalf.

Last year 90% of the people we asked were satisfied with our service and what we achieved for them. If for any reason you’re not happy with the service you receive, you're always welcome to

I was stressed when I contacted them and they took the whole problem away and worked it out for me.

What we expect from you

When you first come through to us you may be feeling frustrated with your energy supplier. For us to be able to help you, it’s important that we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We may need to ask about your personal circumstances, for example whether you receive welfare benefits, any health conditions and whether there are any children in the household.

We will only record information relevant to your case and all information is held confidentially. For more details please see our page - 'What we do with your information'.


EHU Additional Support Project

The EHU currently offers an additional support service to those with an active EHU case who are struggling financially. This service offers help with budgeting, income maximisation, benefits checks, crisis support and accessing grants. The service is free and confidential and is subject to the EHU data retention policy set out on the page - 'What we do with your information'. Your EHU Caseworker will ask our Additional Support Team to contact you if you wish.