How we've helped other people

How we've helped other people

I was helped by a lovely lad who listened to all my rantings.He couldn't have been kinder. When you're ill and unable to do stuff for yourself it makes such a difference.

The case studies that follow are genuine examples of people we’ve helped – names have been changed. Although we can’t force an energy supplier to follow our recommendations, we can use our specialist knowledge to negotiate the best possible outcome according to your particular circumstances.


CASE STUDY: Prepayment meter self-disconnection

Harry had short term memory loss following a brain injury. His welfare benefits were changing and he was not due any income for a further 10 days.

CASE STUDY: Billing error corrected leading to refund

John was of pensionable age and in receipt of state pension. He had spent time in hospital due to health problems affecting his lungs and kidneys.

CASE STUDY: Small business supply reconnected

Zoe was referred to the EHU as the electricity supply to her fitness studio had been disconnected 6 weeks previously.