Types of cases

Types of cases

As an energy supplier you may receive case referrals from the Extra Help Unit. Case types are categorised according to whether the consumer has already contacted their supplier to try to resolve the issue.


If the consumer has contacted the company and was unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, the case is logged as a complaint. Take a look at the complaints case process explanation.


If the consumer has not given the company an opportunity to investigate the matter but is unable to take it forward themselves, the case is treated as an enquiry. Take a look at the enquiry process.

Priority complaints:

When a consumer is off supply or at imminent risk of being off supply, this will be logged as a priority complaint and actioned to secure the energy supply as soon as possible. Take a look at the priority cases process.


If appropriate actions are not taken by suppliers to resolve cases within the timescales highlighted in the above process documents, the case may need to be escalated. Take a look at the escalation process explanation.